"perfectly blends the old and the new"                        — Natalie Clark, cfmu.ca
“undeniable ability to pen a memorable folk song”     — gridcitymagazine.com 
"fabulous”                                                                   — comeherefloyd.com

Zachari Smith is a versatile musician, songwriter, and producer with over 15 years in the music industry. In 2021, he made the move from Montreal to West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, where he now operates his studio and collaborates with a wide range of artists.

Throughout his career, Zachari has been a part of various musical ventures, headlining folk clubs as part of the duo "Andrew and Zachari Smith" and touring extensively across Europe, the US, and Canada with acts like Joshua Hyslop (Nettwerk Records), Ce Qui Nous Traverse (Cuchabata), The Geese, Sarah Brendal, and The Mighty River. As a solo artist, he's toured North America and Europe multiple times, releasing two full-length albums, two EPs, and numerous singles. His 2019 LP, "Everything that Keeps You," reached #8 on the Earshot! National folk/roots/blues chart, and his 2022 LP, "We're Going Away," has gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify.

In 2016, Zachari founded Acre Alley, a record label specializing in folk and experimental music, providing a platform for emerging artists to shine. His music, rooted in folk and Americana, takes on a contemporary edge in its production, making it a compelling blend of the traditional and the modern. Zachari Smith continues to make his mark in the music industry, as a solo artist, side musician, producer and label owner.

"Well crafted and a warm, good feeling" Apeiron Sound
"Loved the soulful execution of the vocals!" Glasse Factory
"Powerful vocal-commitment-to-message. Lyrically interesting and enchanting harmony." Indie Obsessive
"Country ambience all the way, a singer who fills his music with an evocative backdrop and lets his words shade a story that is deep... a fine execution that has a classic crooner quality going for it." MP3Hugger
"Clarity manages to blend accessible catchy melody lines with a sense of emotional resonance. I dig the flow of the building arrangement. The textured acoustic guitar paired with the more atmospheric electric melody lines. Intimate and introspective lyricism. Strong lead vocal performance captures the listeners ears." Music On The Moon
"We loved the ambient textures and ethereal vocal performance in this record" Pelican House
"The depth of emotion is fantastic" Various Small Flames
"A stunning track and vocal delivery" When The Horn Blows
We’re Going Away (LP) 2022, 
Waiting on the Night (EP) 2022, 
Everything that Keeps You (LP) 2019, 
A Country Once Forested (EP) 2010

Notable Performances
Harvest Festival, Paddlefest, Living Roots, Bonfire Festival. 
Shared the stage with Joshua Hyslop, Jon and Roy, Dylan Menzie, Mike Mckenna Jr, Kelie Loder, Andre Papanicalau, Garret Mason, Willie Stratton, Amy Lou Keeler (of Mama's Broke) and more.
Over 200 concerts performed in last 6 years. 

with Andrew and Zachari Smith — Nickolodeon Folk Club, Northern Lights Folk Club, Inglewood Folk Club, Regina Folk Club. 5 headlining tours of Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. Toured western Canada 15 times. 

Awards + Charts
- #8 on the Earshot! National folk/roots/blues chart 
- Top 10 chart for CFUV, CJSR, CFMU, and CJSW.
- Music BC’s Top 5 Emerging Artists (Interior BC) 2015.

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